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Meet Your Coach

Nina Goode is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist who helps individuals transform their bodies in a healthy, sustainable way. Nina knows that weight loss and muscle building can be achieved in way that supports long-term success in maintaining a healthy weight that enables you to live a long, happy life. Her mission is to help clients achieve a strong sense of self efficacy and help them to develop the skills to take control of their own health.  


Nina's fitness background started off with competitive swimming through her adolescent and tween years. Her journey came to a halt when she began to develop a negative self-image toward her body which led her to develop an eating disorder throughout her early teen years. She was eventually diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at the age of sixteen, along with anxiety and depression.


Around the same time of these diagnoses, she had stumbled upon the world of bodybuilding. In October of 2016, she worked toward competing in a show for the following year. In October 2017 she competed in her first competition with Ultimate Fitness Events in the bikini division followed by a second show the same year. 

She continued her journey for another four years with the Canadian Physique Alliance which entailed aiming to change her body composition. Through this process she was able to learn and understand how to add muscle mass while decreasing body fat though fueling her body with food and training. 


Nina’s journey inspired her to help others change their lives and the way they think/feel about themselves. Nina has been actively training clients since August of 2019 and is incredibly passionate about her work. She wishes to help her clients develop a positive, empowered outlook toward themselves and help them become the best version of themselves.

Knowledge is Power.

Nina firmly believes in education and continuing to develop her knowledge around  the human body. She has a special interest in biomechanics (the study of structure, function and motion) as well as exercise physiology (the study of metabolic response/ adaptation). 




  • Certified Personal Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association

  • Certified Nutrition Specialist with the International Sports Sciences Association

  • Pre-Script Level 2 Coach

  • Trigger Point Level 1

  • Exercise for Ante & Post Natal Clients (In Progress)


Formal Education

  • Nina is an Honours Graduate of Mohawk College in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Program. (Class of 2021.)


Previous Roles

Nina started off in the industry working as a CSR at Pro-Fit Health Club, while training clients and running classes on her off times. She then transitioned into training full time while also working as a sales associate at Popeyes Supplements. This role allowed her to help people in a different way outside of training clients. Her interest shifted to semi-private studios in Hamilton Ontario where she has been able to service clients at Hamilton Fitness Academy and A1 Performance Club.

Ways to work together


Excalibur Exclusive 

Enjoy fitness from the comfort of a private home studio

Fitness facility showing machines

Gymtimidation is real. That is why Nina created her fully private home studio "Excalibur Exclusive." This studio is located in Simcoe, Ontario and exclusively services one-on-one clients with an inviting, calming and customized atmosphere. This ensures all clients can have a fully tailored experience based on their needs and preferences in an environment where they can make mistakes, get comfortable with form, have open conversations and train in a completely judgment free space. All beautiful humans are welcome in her inclusive space. <3

A1 Performance Club

Enjoy a semi-private studio in the heart of Hamilton

Hamilton studio, dumbbell rack

Enjoy a newly renovated, semi-private studio in the heart of Hamilton. A1 Performance Club offers a uniquely run space owned by CPT & FST Jamie Ferguson & MPK Kevin Buckley. Jamie & Kevin offer a space that is a safe and welcoming environment for everybody and strive to create a warm, energetic atmosphere. Nina has been servicing clients at A1 for a year and has made Hamilton her second home. She is actively training clients twice a week downtown. 

Virtual Coaching

Prefer training at your own pace? Online coaching is for you!

Dumbbell rack & treadmill

Online coaching is a great option for clients who want to train at their own pace and crave an added layer of accountability and guidance. All programs are fully customized and tailored to the individual and their needs/goals. Nina uses a fully integrative platform where clients can find their nutrition, habits, workouts & check ins all in one easy to use application.  Check ins are provided on a weekly basis with added support throughout the week.


Client Highlights


I started with Nina after the Covid lockdowns and my results have been amazing!! I have lost several inches, I’m down 20 pounds (lost it and kept it off) and feel fit & toned! Nina is an excellent trainer who is very knowledgeable in training, nutrition and everyday life skills. She is always able to identify my weaknesses and chooses exercises to strengthen and improve those areas. Nina is always very welcoming, positive and warm. I look forward to every session with her. She has changed my body for the better. I have been very happy with how I have looked and felt over the last 2 years of training together!


 It’s been 2 years since I first started training with Nina and let me tell you how working with her has changed my life completely. I was born with Spina Bifida, a type of neural tube defect that can happen anywhere along the spine if the neural tube does not close all the way. For years I had suffered from back pain and lack of range of motion. Since working with Nina, my back pain has improved significantly and my range of motion is the best it’s ever been. My main goal when I started with Nina was to get stronger both physically and mentally, and I have overcome my expectations thus far. Nina is not only my trainer but a close friend who inspires me and believes in me every single session. I always look forward to our sessions because she takes the time to make sure each and every exercise I am able to do both safely and pain free. If not she is so quick to suggest another exercise to cater to my physical abilities. Nina you have been such a positive role model in my life and I cannot wait to see how far you continue to push me to be my greatest in the years to come.


Working with Nina has profoundly influenced my relationship with food, exercise and my body/self. I’ve accomplished things I never thought possible—like hiking Peru’s Inca Trail and Iceland’s Laugavegur Trail—and I’ve done it all with the plus-sized body I have! I’m no longer looking to be someone different before I live the life I want. Nina helped me to recognize the all-or-nothing, perfectionistic thinking that has not served me well and her gentle, empowering, accepting stance allowed me to make change without pushing back—something I’ve struggled with in the past when I felt backed into a corner by a too restrictive program. Nina seamlessly customized her approach both to my unique fitness goals and my personality and I am grateful for her passion, her wisdom, and her steady support. I’m thrilled by the changes in my body and my fitness level, but that is secondary to my delight at the sustainable changes in my lifestyle and thinking.

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