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“Using a health-first approach, I help clients achieve success by providing them with sustainable methods.”

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About Excalibur

Excalibur Physiques is designed for clients who are wishing to transform their bodies as well as improve their self-efficacy. Through nutrition and exercise coaching, clients will learn through how to fuel their body and make changes to their physique with a health-first approach. Our coaching is built to encourage sustainability and long-term success rather than using a “quick fix.” Our head coach Nina is fully committed to the success of her clients and educating them to become the best version of themselves.

Fitness Coach | Excalibur Physiques: About

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About The Coach

Nina Goode is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist who helps men and women transform their bodies in healthy, sustainable way. Nina knows that weight loss and muscle building can be achieved in way that supports long-term success in maintaining a healthy weight that enables you to live a long, happy life. Her mission is to help clients achieve a strong sense of self efficacy and help them to develop the skills to take control of their own health.  

Nina holds dual positions within the fitness industry including: Personal Trainer and Coach at Hamilton Fitness Academy and Head Coach at Excalibur Physiques. Her multi-faceted industry experience allows her to have a well-rounded view of clients and the ways they interact with the world around them. Her work-life balance also allows her to be empathetic toward clients that lead busy lives and helps them integrate health and wellness into their lifestyle. Nina also competes with the Canadian Physique Alliance in the Bikini Division which has allowed her to understand how to take a health-first approach while aiming to change body composition. 

Nina was a competitive swimmer for three years and stopped her journey when she began to develop a negative self-image toward her body. This led her to develop an eating disorder throughout her adolescence and teenage years. She was eventually diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at the age of sixteen, along with anxiety and depression. Around the same time of this diagnoses, she had stumbled upon the world of bodybuilding. In October of 2016, she worked toward competing in a show for the following year. In October 2017 she competed in her first competition where she received first and second place. She then went on to a national level show within UFE and placed 10th.

Her placing made her understand that she needed to work on improving her body composition to improve for her next show. She worked for another year to put on more muscle mass and eventually competed for her third time in May of 2019, and a fourth in November of 2021. The process of competing allowed her to fall in love with the fitness industry and learn how to nourish her body with nutritious food and exercise. 

Nina’s journey inspired her to help others change their lives and the way they think about themselves. Nina has been actively training clients since August of 2019 and is incredibly passionate about her work. She wishes to help her clients develop a positive, empowered outlook toward themselves and help them become the best they can be!

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Education and Qualification

Nina holds multiple certifications within the Health and Fitness Industry.

  • Certified Personal Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association

  • Certified Nutrition Specialist with the International Sports Sciences Association

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 

  • Trigger Point Level 1

  • Pre-Script Level 1 

  • Nina is an Honours Graduate of Mohawk College in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Program. (Class of 2021.)

Industry Experience

Personal Trainer (Hamilton Fitness Academy)- Nina utilizes her skills as a personal trainer through adaptation  based on the needs of her clients each session. She uses her skills in consultation and screening which allows her to create effective needs analysis and programming. Her education in biomechanics, consultation & behaviour change, assessments and exercise techniques enhances her sessions with clients even further.

Owner/ Head Coach at Excalibur Physiques- Nina has a passion for business and entrepreneurship that is expressed through her company Excalibur Physiques. Each client has individualized programming that is fully customized based on their needs, goals, and fitness level. Through effective program design, Nina is able to develop a training and nutrition plan that is built effectively to the needs of the client. 

Previous Roles- Nina started off in the industry working front desk at Pro-Fit Health Club. She also began to take on training clients and classes on her off times. She then transitioned to training clients and running small group fitness classes full time. Nina also took on a role as sales associate at Popeyes Supplements to allow her to help people in a different way outside of training clients.

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“Personal training with Nina is one of the best investments I’ve made for myself. I’ve seen significant progress with my physical appearance and my mental health. Nina is extremely passionate about her craft and goes beyond my expectations. I would recommend her a million times over."

 Sara T

"I always look forward to my training sessions with Nina. She really takes the time to get to know you and understand your personal fitness goals. She is professional, kind, patient and understanding. Her encouragement has given me the confidence I needed to kick start this journey to a healthier me. I appreciate her praise, her knowledge and the way she tailors every session to my own physical abilities (having spina bifida). These last 6 weeks training with her have been phenomenal, and I am so excited for the results I am getting. Thank you Nina!"

 Angela M

"I have had other trainers in the past and I just want to say that Nina knows her stuff! I have been working with her the last 3 months. She is a great motivator and helps you achieve your goals. She tailors her fitness plans based on you! She listens to what you are looking for in regards to health and has gone above and beyond then any other trainers I have had. She is knowledgeable about different muscle groups and can explain what the exercises are doing to your body, if something is not working she will change it up. She monitors you and does assessments so you can actually see your improvement and I love that!  She is positive, makes you feel good about yourself and pushes you through your sessions. She has helped me more than she knows and I look forward to more training with her. I would recommend Nina without a doubt!"

Natalie M

Nina has helped me achieve all my goals and made me more confident. When I first started training with Nina I had very low self esteem, I had no idea what body parts to train, and wasn’t happy with my body. Nina set a goal with me that I was going to be confident by the end of the 8 weeks. We decided participating in a staff challenge would help motivate me, and show my success. Very quickly, me and Nina got very close, and she was like a friend to me. I always felt like I could go to her to talk about problems in my life, or even successes. We did measurements and weigh ins, and she made me feel like a million bucks! She celebrated my success, and her positive words of encouragement helped me so much along the way. I wouldn’t be where I am in my fitness journey without Nina, and I thank her for teaching me everything I know! Nina is one of the sweetest, caring, and smart people I know! If you want to improve your health, choose Nina!!!!

Mackenzie F

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