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The Most Versatile Piece of Fitness Equipment to Add to Your Routine

The fitness industry has grown tremendously over the last year with a special focus on home workouts. All types of workouts have come out using bands, weights TRX, stability balls, trampolines... you name it. This leads to many people asking the question: which piece of equipment is the best and will help me reach my goals?

In a sea of options one piece always seems to stand out to me: the dumbbell. The dumbbell has proven to be one of the single most versatile pieces of equipment there is, ranging in sizes, shapes, grips and colours to customize for your gym. Dumbbells can be used in and out of the gym for every muscle group and can provide enough overload to the muscle to create adaptation.

Dumbbells allow for range of motion in all joints throughout the body to create an adequate contraction and get an amazing workout in! Home gyms have been all the rage in 2020 and does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. Dumbbell racks have been a hot find, however, at a hot price. Other than the current pricing caused by the pandemic, most racks are space efficient and allow for a 5-50lb range to fit comfortably into your home gym.

Whether you are starting off in your fitness journey or well into it, this piece of equipment can provide you with all your strength, muscle growth and conditioning needs! Finding yourself stuck in your routine? Add in some dumbbells for a full body, balanced workout!

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