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In Person Training

In person, one on one training is an exclusive service that allows for significant physical and mental growth. Programs are designed based on your movement assessment in our initial consultation and are fully tailored to your current abilities, past experience, injury history, needs and goals. 

Laughing with a client on the treadmill

Holistic Approach 

Cueing a client doing face pulls

Each session is designed to meet you where you are at mentally, physically and emotionally. Modifications can be made as needed on session to session basis. Excalibur Exclusive & A1 Performance are safe places designed to allow you to make mistakes, master form, vent, have fun and feel good! Each session is fifty five minutes in length and also includes support during the week with mindset, nutrition and workouts if desired!

Packages Offered

Laughing while chatting with a client during a workout

Training packages are offered to find the best fit for your budget, goals and needs! Our 2024 price list is as follows with recommended training frequency: 

Single Session- 90

12 Sessions- 1,080 (once per week)

24 Sessions- 2,112 (twice per week)

36 Sessions- 3,096 (three times per week)

All prices are subject to HST and can be tailored into a custom payment plan over the 12 week training period!


Step into a new version of you

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Are you ready to dive into your fitness journey with a holistic, female approach? Lets have a chat about your goals, needs and expectations to get your journey in motion!

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